Being an ambassador of Youngvalueco

Being an ambassador for Youngvalueco

It has always been special to most of our members. It's a unique feeling and experience to be part of an exclusive brand community.

Most of the people enjoy being ambassador because of the commission, huge discounts, free ambassador t-shirt ,exposure and reposts on our 300 000 followers community. Unfortunately it is not easy to get accepted as ambassador.

Due to the huge amount of registrations on our ambassador platform we had to limit the acceptations. Nevertheless it's absolutely worth a try to become part of it, but how would I get attention from the marketing team of Youngvalueco?

How to become part of the team?

First of all it's important to share a specific story and picture of Youngvalueco and tag us so we see you would love to become part of our community. After your story is shared, we will analyze your profile for the next 7 days in order to see if your profile is what we look for.

Being accepted what now?

Congratulations, your profile was exactly what we were looking for! You have about 48 hours to decide whether you take the adventure or not. All ambassadors must have Youngvalueco apparel. Not a client so far? No worries, you will get a personalized code to make your first order, a free exclusive ambassador t-shirt and free shipping!

What do we expect from you?

We expect to see at least a few stories/posts with our apparel. The best stories and pictures will be reposted on our social media community of 300 000 followers.

What's your profit out of this?

As earlier said there are plenty of advantageous such as:

- Being part of something unique
- Free exclusive ambassador t-shirt
- Life time discount
- 10% commission on every order!
- Being reposted in our community!
- Supporting a fast growing brand


Does this sound great to you, feel free to apply as ambassador, you never know it's your lucky day! 

Share this picture in your story & tag us to have a chance to become part of it