The background of Youngvalueco

Young Value Co.

  We are YOUNG & 'inexperienced' teenagers for most of the adults.

  We want to create ‘value' we want to show people
  that YOUNG people can also have faith and persistence to chase their dreams.

  An abbreviation used for a part of an other organization:

  Our other company/organization are all the other students
  who do not have the persistence to make their dreams come true.
  All the other students who have fantastic ideas but
  don't have the faith to realize them.

As young people ourselves we know how difficult it can be to chase your dreams. That's exactly why we created Youngvalueco, a sustainable qualitative clothing brand from dreamers, for dreamers.

Whether it is for your favorite Sport, school, daily live or traveling, please never give up. Keep going and you will reach the target soon!