Young Value Co.


We are a company based in Belgium, founded by young entrepreneurial students.
We are known for our extensive service, great quality and our lovely designs. As a
small company we always want to be there for our customers.
There will always be someone to take care of you because being close with our
community is what makes us strong.

What about our logo?
As you can see our logo is a wolf.
A wolf is the symbol of character, intelligence, independence, strength, persistence,
entrepreneurship and class.

That is exactly where we stand for:

We want to stimulate the youth & students to be who they are.
We want to show everyone that they can achieve whatever they want if they only
have the faith and persistence!
This is what we want to show the youth & the world.
This is exactly where a WOLF stands for, being independent, persistent and

What about our name?
Young Value Co., was arisen because:

We are YOUNG & 'inexperienced' teenagers for most of the adults.
We want to create ‘value' we want to show people that YOUNG people also can
create VALUE and can be entrepreneurial minded.
The meaning of CO: "abbreviation used for a company which it is part of another

Our other company/organization are all the other students who do not have the
straight and persistence to make their dreams come true. All the other students
who have fantastic ideas but don't have the faith to realize them.

These are the key elements of our brand and what we aspire to bring to our
As everything in life, we are always learning, always evolving, always improving.
We should try to learn from everything that comes our way and we should never
lose focus of our goals.
Young Value Co. has already started its journey , we have been growing very

Lots of students follow our thoughts and wear our clothes with pride.
It’s your call, youngsters. As you can see lots of us already made their choice.

We chose to:
Discover the world of Young Value Co.

We believe we can chase our dreams!
Do you also believe YOUNG people can create VALUE?


JOIN US and Discover the world of Young Value Co.